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*~*~ Hollywood*~*~
14 March 1983




Journal Layout Created by: yam

♥ People and friend‘s call me Shay

♥ I love music more than life

♥ I‘m a huge BSB fan, if you can‘t deal with it, then I have nothing to say to you

♥ I do not like liar‘s

♥ My most popular nickname is *Hollywood*

♥ I love to go on trips and hang out with my friend‘s

♥ I dislike drama but in this world there always some

♥ I adore Stewie from Family Guy, even though he‘s not real, I heart him

♥ I‘m a huge animal lover

♥ I want to change myself for the better

♥ I’ve had given two BSB member’s nickname’s, which are trademarked

♥ One of my nickname’s had been Penis Wrinkle, (there’s a story behind it)

♥ I love to read when I’m bored

♥ I’m very organized or I try to be

♥ My place is always clean in some sort of way, I cannot stand a messy room

♥ I’ve been told I’m obsessed with the show called SNAPPED

♥ I love to shop, but I hate trying on clothes

♥ I’m a photo whore, and I love to take picture’s

♥ I love my car, it’s my life and I’ve named it Lucky

♥ I prefer music or TV when I’m bored

♥ I love traveling, anywhere even if it’s just for couple of days it’s fun to just get away

♥ I hope to have children someday but not anytime soon

♥ I do love to spend time by myself, it’s always good to be alone at times

♥ I love going out to eat

♥ My dream is to have my own dolphin and monkey as a pet

♥ I want to live on a beach in the future so every night I can watch the sunset over the ocean, and it’ll be so peaceful

♥ I want to live in Hollywood

♥ I’m a huge celebrity fanatic

♥ I want to be a professional photographer

♥ I’m obsessed with pens and sharpies

♥ I don’t trust people easy due to the past

♥ I’m a very outgoing person who loves to have fun when it’s allowed

♥ I love to be outdoor’s when the weather is nice

♥ I want to go to Paris, Jamaica, and the Bahamas someday

♥ I’m very close to my mom, she’s is my best friend, and I’m glad my dad and I are becoming closer

♥ I promote artists/models on my spare time, I really enjoy it

♥ I’m obsessed with Avatar/Icons